Block porn. Be the best version of YOU!

Join 200,000+ commit to blocking porn out of their life once and for all.

Stable release

Stable release

Stable release

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Features to help you break free.

Simple 1-tap setup

Custom blacklist sites / apps

Uninstall pin protection

The easiest setup, like ever. Simply turn on the VPN and it just works. Like magic!

Want to block a site? Lock a troublesome app? You do you.

Get trusted buddy to set a 4 digit pin.

Or randomize it.

Safe Search enforced

Accountability alerts

Multiple filtering levels

Stay safe when searching on major search engines like Google.

Your buddy is notified whenever you uninstall or unsubscribe.

Everyone is on a unique journey.

Normal, Extreme, Utlra Extreme.

Streak counter

Stay true to yourself. Easy-to-use streak counter helps you gain perspective.

3-day risk-free trial, no credit card required.

One subscription covers all your supported devices. We make it simple and straightforward.


per month


per year

Create an account with the Android app. Login to that same account on all your devices, no extra fee necessary! Once subscribed, payments automatically renew until canceled by the user.

THRIVE! Be the best version of YOU.

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